We will do the consultation on a Zoom conference call. You will receive instructions in advance.

Yes, we have a team of professionals who able to competently manage you social media.

Yes, we support companies and individuals from all over the world in every industry. However, we do not support any accounts that promote cancer-causing substances (nicotine), or accounts propagating hate, racism, sexism or anything harmful.

You´ll pay a subscription cost which includes payment for the services rendered and a portion is designated for the initial marketing budget. You can increase this budget depending on your marketing needs.  Your marketing budget is managed on a case by case basis. After discussions with the project manager you can determine the marketing budget.

We provide a wholistic marketing experience. Should you only need the marketing plan, you can still purchase a subscription.

You will be assigned a project manager, who will be manager your project. After which, there is a process of on-boarding which includes having a meeting with the project manager to discuss the expectations and requirements of the project. Then a strategy will be determined from a well designed marketing plan.  Then the actual digital marketing process will be take place.

Yes, we provide a wholistic approach to digital marketing and we have a competent team of digital marketers with experience and qualification in the industry.

You can apply for a job by registering as a project manager. Verify your identity and submit qualifications and experience documents. Then we will review your application and get back to you within 10 business days.