This refund Policy is an integral and inseparable part of our Terms and Conditions and shall be construed in light of definitions set out in the Terms & Conditions.
This Refund Policy applies to all services provided by MarketerCore Ltd and contains rules on our customers’ refund and cancellation rights.
MarketerCore Ltd. strives to provide its customers with the highest quality service possible and experience. Pursuant to this mission, we have established a fair refund policy as detailed below:
Your right to cancellation and refund
You are entitled to cancel your purchase within the 7-day period following the completion of your purchase and you will get refunded in full.
If you request the cancellation of your purchase after seven(7) days pass but within the 14-days period following completion of your purchase, you will get refunded for 50% of the total amount paid.
If you make a request for refund after 14 days have passed following the purchase, you will not be entitled to a refund.
Your right to cancellation & refund where the services/work is already delivered
We plan each project by setting out the work and services to be delivered in the contract we have with you.
Considering that we put time and effort into each project/work we undertake, no refund will be given where work is completed, whether on the agreed date or earlier than the deadline set in the contract, regardless of the time periods for refunds set out in the above section.
In case we decide to terminate a project/work on a mutual agreement with you(client), you will retain complete control and ownership over the final work we deliver. Payment for such previous work will not be refundable.
Refund process
Once you make a request for refund, MarketerCore will deposit the refund amount back to your account or credit card agreed upon under the executed contract, or via another method as agreed by the parties.
If there is a delay in refund due to the client’s requests or its internal processes, MarketerCore shall not be liable for any costs or risks incurred.